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Updating table causes high processor utlization

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Run the query which is driving the CPU in database tuning advisor and apply the recommendations.

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To find the problem process, open Task Manager and click the Processes tab to see a list of running processes, like the one that Figure 1 shows.

(You can click the CPU column header to sort the list of processes by their CPU utilization.) Make a note of which process is monopolizing the CPU time.

If IIS is causing the problem, the offending process will be or the out-of-process (OOP) executable (Windows 2000) or (Windows NT 4.0).

to get CPU usage history (or) Task manager (or) Perfmon counter to determine that. If you see 200 for and the system has 8 CPU, CPU consumed by is 200 out of 800 (only 25%).)Kernel CPU: In general, if kernel CPU remains below 10%, it’s normal.

In Perfmon, Process %Process time can also be used. But if you see sustained kernel CPU at 30% or above, you should start looking at system drivers , Antivirus etc.