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To determine the safest school in each state, we tallied the crimes reported by universities and divided them into three main sections: We weighed the crimes by severity and divided the school’s crime score by enrollment to calculate total per-capita crime.

Unlocking wii after updating to 4 2 updating first generation ipod touch

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However, there is literally so much more you can use your Nintendo Wii for, the possibilities are endless.

Efforts have been made to use actual console hardware for many older systems, though.This is going to be the most detailed information you are going to find on unlocking your wii and play dvd’s on it.In fact, you can do a lot more with an unlocked Wii other than playing your favorite DVD’s on it.Along with the Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, and Play Station Portable, the most frequently used platforms for homebrew development are older generations of consoles, among them the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).The relative simplicity of older systems enables an individual or small group to develop acceptable games in a reasonable time frame.Wii chips trick your Wii to be able to run Homebrew Applications, to play Import Games and Backup Games.