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So regardless of a man's actual beliefs, if he has proof that he is Muslim, he may marry a Muslim woman.

These believers include women from unitarian or monotheistic religions, such as Christianity or Judaism.

This is true under the law of almost ever Muslim country, and also true for most all Muslim wedding officials.

In most secular governments, religion is not an issue in marriage.

If not, I was wondering what the reasoning and context surrounding this was?

3) If the people concerned are already in a relationship, is it preferable for them to get married? The permissibility of a Muslim man marrying a woman from the ahl al-kitab (‘People of the Book’) is understood from the Qur’anic verse, “It is lawful for you to marry chaste Muslim women and chaste women of the People of the Book when you have given them their dowries.” (5:5) According to most scholars, this verse specifies or abrogates a previous verse of the Qur’an (1) that prohibited men and women from marrying non-Muslim polytheists.