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I also wonder if this priest might already know who Matt is, and that he has a connection to someone else in his church. The tried and true Marvel Fitness Program (which most recently showed such wonderful results for Paul Rudd in It's been hinted that Daredevil will rock the more traditional crimson suit before the season ends.

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emotionally, the hallway fight in episode 102 which everyone loved so much is really a father/son story about Matt rescuing a child, a son, and returning him to his father in a way that he could never return to his own father. This was more about oppression and rage and what happens when you chain the devil up and then the devil has to go to hell to kind of reclaim his prize.

, on the other hand, looks like it has a little more in the tank than Marvel's other TV efforts.

So, aside from the numerous nods to the character's Marvel Comics history, we took a look to see what else sets Matt Murdock is one of the few practicing Catholics I can think of in the superhero community. While we're on the subject of Matt's Catholicism, this poor, put-upon priest has to listen to Matt's confessions.

The good news is, as a source told was on air, but it wasn't long enough ago that Facebook wasn't on the scene.

Back in 2010, cast member Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi found love on the social networking site with Emilio Masella.