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Tijden veranderen en de sociale netwerken vieren hoogtij. Vroeger ging men naar de winkel en kocht men het product dat het dichtst aanleunde bij wat men zocht.

Niet zelden was men naderhand toch niet helemaal tevreden.

I also do a push-up/crunches routine twice a week and a more thorough ab workout twice a week which happens to fall on my day off from aerobics.

I'm 34 and will probably never be as fast as I was when I was 14 (,,) but I enjoy being in shape and chasing my own "30's" PRs (, , some swimming goals). :) But more to your point, I think the day off makes me feel rested and, coupled with the cross training, helps me remain uninjured.

In the heaviest portion of a training cycle, particularly for the marathon, it would not be unusual for me to go 5 or 6 weeks without a day off.

That being said, I would normally only run harder than comfortable conversational pace 2 days per week.

Apparently there are almost twice as many men than women using dating apps on Android. Do these findings surprise you, or do they line up with your experience or expectations?

Jij kiest dan nog eens diegene die het aan jou mag verkopen. Het succes van sites als e Bay, Auto Scout24, Groupon en zoveel meer is dan ook eenvoudig te verklaren.

Dating apps for gay men were even more active, seeing 22 launches per week averaging 96 seconds.

Other choice tidbits broke down the demographics by platform.

I used to be quite stress fracture prone on a stupid high mileage program at my high school which is probably one of the reasons my PR'S at 1600m didn't progress past my freshman year.

You can run 7 days a week only if you are intelligent enough to take easy, slow days. If you are one of those people who don't understand the concept of rest, and go all-out every run, the six days a week is enough.0 to 1 days off per week during the meaningful part of any training cycle.