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Speaking of controls, the complement is identical to Waves’ Rhodes emulation, Electric 88 (reviewed December 2016). That Formant knob emphasizes or attenuates various harmonics; the subjective effect is like having presets-only access to a surgical multiband EQ.

Next is the sample set toggle, then the four sliders for main tone, hammer, key-release samples, and mechanical noises.

The instrument entered production in 1954 as the EP-110, followed by the 111 and 112 of 1955, and continued to be produced in various forms until about 1982 when production of the 200A ceased.

The earliest versions were the "100" series; these had a case made from painted plywood and were fitted with a single loudspeaker mounted in the rear of the case.

We can thank the Wurlitzer Electronic Piano—so named even though its sound was generated mechanically and the only electronic aspect was its built-in amplification—for one of the two iconic electric piano sounds of the 20th century.

Where the Rhodes used cylindrical tines as half of an asymmetrical tuning fork-like assembly, the Wurly’s resonators were flat metal reeds.

Bowers' already extensive knowledge of mechanical music history.

Upon Dave's and Art's request, Terry Hathaway became involved in proofing and offering technical comments for some of the book's text as it was being composed, text that greatly expanded upon any previous books and historical accountings.