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Chances are good that if you didn't feel a spark, neither did the other person. Fading out on someone by not responding to their texts and dodging them in the halls might seem like the simplest way out of a relationship, but having it done to you seriously sucks.

Plus, if you ghost someone and then run into them at CVS or randomly bump into them in the hall, it'll be painfully awkward for both of you. If they invite you to a party, you can say, "Thanks, but I'm going with my friends.

Here, even with 12-inch heels, I’m still quite average among dutch guys.

It’s a comforting feeling being around them, and not feeling self-conscious sticking out over everyone.

I couldn’t really connect with what they were projecting because their world was totally different than mine.

It is easy to be cool when you are famous and many people know you and admire you.

Ok, so you know ghosting them would be super uncool, but it's not like you were officially dating or anything, so you don't want to make a big deal out of ending things either.

You don't have any romantic feelings toward them anymore, so how do you shut the situation down and move on?

” Or complaints about causing neck injuries each time I stooped to hug a friend.

If the "relationship" only involved a couple hang-outs and a few cutesy Snapchats or some flirty texting, there's no need to stress over crafting the perfect breakup speech.

You can probably just let this one fizzle out naturally.

I'll see you there." Or the next time they chat you up in the halls, you can refer to them as a "friend" to let them know your true feelings. If they continue to ask you out after you've tried to express your lack of feelings, you need to tell them straight-up that you're not interested: "Hey, I had a lot of fun hanging out with you, but I see you as a friend and don't want to lead you on if you're interested in something more." Sometimes, honesty is exactly what the other person needs in order to move on. The first time you see your not-bae after ending things, offer a friendly smile and wave.

If you're feeling brave, strike up a low-key but purely friendly conversation — like "How was your weekend?