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You may ask, why are the women from these countries are very popular among foreigners sick of loneliness?
In fact, Morgan was so butthurt learning that Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies had become the morning show's new showbiz presenters, he joked about quitting the program altogether!

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That’s when David Dewan (MBA 1969) launched Contact Incorporated, in fierce competition with another Harvard startup, Operation Match.Both companies sold questionnaires to students— for Operation Match; for Contact Incorporated—and fed the date-seekers’ answers about themselves and their perfect date into a massive computer, on punch cards.The computer spit out the most compatible pairings.Neither company lasted long, but the computer- assisted dating model they promoted had a lot in common with the early days of the online dating sector in the mid-1990s.Her experiences at Cambridge will be shown tonight in Black Ambition, the first part of a BBC2 series that follows her final year of university and her exit into the real world, where she must decide whether studying for a Cambridge degree was worth the effort.Clark, who is 26, was born in south London but moved to Barbados with her family when she was eight. I felt lucky, but then I thought: ' There are 400 students here and only four of us are black.' There were none in the years above me, and none came through as I progressed through my degree." She recalls the time a Scottish student at her college said: "I didn't realise that when I came to Cambridge I would encounter ethnic minorities", and tells me how a black friend of hers was refused admittance to his college by the porter because he thought he had walked in off the street.Last year, the University received around 17,000 applications — there are usually around five applications per place given. As a result, the University boasts an impressive array of alumni around the world, including political leaders, titans of industry and famous entertainers.These are some of the most successful Cambridge alumni, ordered by graduation date from oldest to most recent: Thompson was the first woman to be invited to Cambridge's prestigious comedy club, "Footlights," where she earned the nickname "Emma Talented." The nickname was well-deserved — she has since become the only person in history to win an Oscar for both acting and writing.

There you can browse pictures, get in touch with current students and network with people living in Austria.The 800-year-old University of Cambridge is an iconic institution of education, not just in Great Britain but also around the world.It consistently ranks among the top spots of university league tables and often takes number one – this year, Cambridge was voted the fourth best university in the world.First came the questionnaires and the ability to sift through the answers quickly, filtering potential dates by characteristics like age or location.If you're upset with your love life of late or feel like you're better at solving chemistry problem sets than developing chemistry with another student, help may be just a few short clicks away."The problem is that no one has really come up with a better way to serve these needs that everyone has, from college students to young professionals. Why wouldn't we use these tools that we have to help us?