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Bpd women dating married man

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Pain that is triggered through attempts to be emotionally intimate with someone else.

The intimacy that non-personality-disordered people enjoy is stressful and overwhelming to the borderline.

Relationships in general are a difficult undertaking in this day and age.

You’ll be armed with a lot of BPD relationship knowledge.Now I don’t know what your exact situation is like, but I can promise you that the tips I’m going to share in this article should help you see better days in the future.I just wrote a free guide that’s all about the #1 mistake men and women make which causes your BPD partner to push you away, resent you and ultimately leave you.While they are still inclined to blame their problems on others, deep inside they have an inkling that they may be contributing to their problems.It is extremely difficult to be friends or married to a Borderline Personality.She (I use the feminine pronoun because the majority of Borderlines are female) employs a defense mechanism known as projection to rid herself of unacceptable traits by projecting them onto you.