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What happens when the two of them decide to hook up? DESIblitz runs down some of our favourite Bollywood Cricketing couples, past and present.Films and cricket are not just followed in India, they are treated like a religion!A lot of actors in Bollywood are animal lovers and they keep on posting those cute images with their pets.

Cricket is great entertainment for us, and so is Bollywood!

Well, thats the perfect picturisation of an obsessed lover and you'll be shocked to see how our Bollywood industry is filled with such obsessed lovers.

Now, before I mislead you any further, I am not talking about real life obsessed lovers, I am talking about those actors who played the role of an obsessive lover to perfection.

On the contrary, some ex-lovers avoid each other like plague and don’t even maintain professional relationship.

Here are a few celebrites and their relationship equations with their former partners.