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From Led Zeppelin and Lou Reed to Bob Dylan and Paul Mc Cartney, no major artist was above lending his music to sell cars, watches, lingerie or coffee. That's one reason brands and ad agencies are rediscovering, and in many cases relaunching, the art of the jingle -- from State Farm's recent Nintendo-fied 8-bit remake of its classic "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there" to Experian's quest to find a new band to sing its "Free Credit Score" song to Mc Donald's oft-updated takes on its "I'm Lovin' It" tagline.

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Want stories like these delivered straight to your inbox? “Matt gets the vision of my videos and my book,” Tyler tells Just When she was 17, she substituted for a friend at a meeting with a scouting agency and she met her manager, Randy James, who sent her some scripts.

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In an Instagram video, Hamilton filmed Dallas reading some of their favorite kudos.

When last we saw Kyle, he snuck out of the Trager house to go after Jessi (Jaimie Alexander). Dallas: He finds her and he's able to really connect with her and say, "Look, we're going to figure this out together. But Kyle and Jessi have a unique connection he'll never share with anyone else, and when they go off on the journey, they really start to form a special bond. This is clearly going to be a problem for his relationship with Amanda.

You get to talk to the fans and you don't get any jerks, because people who waited in line for two hours love your show. Did you get to meet other sci-fi stars? Give up some scoop about the last episode of the summer run. Is he developing romantic feelings for his fellow belly-button-less scientific experiment? I'll tell you that as far as a love triangle goes, there will be a lot of competition for Kyle's time between Jessi and [his girlfriend] Amanda [Kirsten Prout] when the show returns next year.